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High-Resolution Scopes at Perry County Memorial Hospital

TELL CITY, INDIANA – Perry County Memorial Hospital is now utilizing High-Resolution Colonoscopes with Narrow Band Imaging technology to perform colonoscopies. These scopes will aid physicians in detecting small growths in the colonic wall called polyps. High-resolution colonoscopies assist in the detection of polyps by providing much better visualization of the mucosa lining in the internal wall of the colon. Narrow Band Imaging is a technology that isolates two specific bandwidths of light that are absorbed by the vessels in the mucosa at a greater density than the surrounding tissue, aiding the physician in detecting any early changes in vascular patterns.

These colonoscopies represent state-of-the-art technology that enhances the physicians’ ability to detect and prevent colon cancer in patients. Colon cancer is currently the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Fortunately, if detected early, the removal of polyps is easy and painless during a colonoscopy. If not removed, these small growths can become cancerous tumors. Perry County Memorial Hospital believes these new scopes and the technology they offer are an important tool in the local fight against colon cancer and are another example of the hospital’s commitment to providing the latest technology to its patients.

The High-Resolution Colonoscope purchases for Perry County Memorial Hospital were made possible by the Perry County Memorial Hospital Foundation. The total cost for 2 High-Resolution Colonoscopes was $58,680.00. This is not the first equipment purchase by the PCMH Foundation. Birthing Room Furniture was purchased by the PCMH Foundation in 1992 for $10,262.00, a Blood Gas Analyzer in 1993 for $24,000.00, Portable X-Ray Machine in 1994 for $22,464.00, a Stablette & Two Isolettes in 1995 for $23,135.00, a Cardiac Monitoring System in 1996 for $17,155.00, a Camtec Converta Litter & Olympus Colonoscope in 1997 for $22,400.00, a Tele-radiology Computer & Digitizer in 1998 for $25,000.00 and in 1999, a Laproscopic Scope, Electric Cautery Device and Computer for $26,500.00. In the year 2000, $25,379.00 was spent by the PCMH Foundation to purchase Sonosite 180 Hand Carried Ultra Sound & Laparoscopic Instruments. An Obstetric Central Monitoring System was purchased in 2001 for $26,355.00 and in 2002, a Mechanical Ventilator Approx. was purchased for $26,000.00. In 2003/2004, Pulmonary Function Testing was purchased for $44,109.00 and in 2005, a Gastroscope was purchased for $24,000.00. From 1992 – 2009, the Perry County Memorial Hospital Foundation as purchased $404,439.00 worth of equipment to better serve our community.

The Perry County Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc. exists to support Perry County Memorial Hospital’s mission of providing quality healthcare to our community now and for future generations. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, making gifts tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Perry County Memorial Hospital was founded on the banks of the Ohio River over 60 years ago. The mission of Perry County Memorial Hospital is to provide high quality healthcare and exemplary customer service in the most caring, compassionate, and effective manner.
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