Diagnostic X-Ray: A medical procedure used to identify (diagnose) disease or injury by sending x-rays through the body to produce an image on film. This image is called a radiograph.

  • PCMH has a Philips Diagnostic 76 digital fluoroscopy room and a Philips Optima General Radiographic/Tomographic room with CR Technology.

Ultrasound: A method of obtaining images of internal organs by using echo-producing sound waves. There is no pain during the examination and current evidence does not indicate any health risk.

  • Our diagnostic ultrasound unit is the new Philips IU22.
  • Our echo ultrasound unit is the Siemens Acuson.

Digital Mammography: An x-ray procedure that uses extremely low-dose radiation to produce an image of the breast. Mammography is primarily used for the early detection of cancer and other abnormalities of the breast.

Computed Tomography (CT scanning): A safe, fast, painless procedure that eliminates the need for some exploratory surgery. Recognized as one of the most important contributions to medicine in the last century due to its diagnostic precision and accuracy.

  • PCMH offers this high-tech procedure performed with a Toshiba Aquilion 32 multi-slice Helical CT system that supports whole-body scanning.

Mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): The latest innovation in diagnostic imaging. A powerful magnetic system, used in conjunction with radio waves, causes hydrogen atoms or other selected elements in the body to give off faint signals that painlessly form images of internal organs and structures for physician analysis.

Nuclear Medicine: Involves the use of a safe radio-pharmaceutical that travels though the body to help treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders.

  • PCMH performs Nuclear Medicine procedures using a sophisticated Siemen E-Cam Nuclear Scanner.

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