Standards of Behavior

Please read and comply with the Perry County Memorial Hospital Standards of Behavior below. To download the Standards of Behavior PDF, click here.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. I believe that a culture of quality service is the heart of our organization. I recognize and respect our customers as unique individuals. I commit to treating every customer promptly and competently with courtesy, respect, and compassion. Therefore, I will…

  • Have a sense of ownership in providing the best possible care, demonstrating pride in the work that I do.
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Use direct eye contact while introducing myself and addressing others.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Value our customers’ time and provide prompt service.
  • Speak highly of customers, other employees or departments, refraining from making excuses or blaming.
  • Acknowledge customers – immediately greet customers in the hallways in a friendly manner, with a warm attitude,  and a smile. Never allow anyone to feel ignored.
  • Practice the “HEAT” method: Hear them out, Empathize, Apologize, Take action.
  • Practice “Service Recovery” when someone is dissatisfied – Anticipate, Acknowledge, Apologize, Amend.
  • Verbalize “I am so sorry, what can I do to help?” when a customer voices a concern.
  • Rudeness is never accepted.
  • Recognize that our customers have a sense of urgency and show them that we value their time. Customers are not an  interruption of our work – they are our reason for being here.
  • Thank our customers for choosing Perry County Memorial Hospital – routinely practice an “attitude of gratitude”.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. I strive to create a positive environment through my personal appearance and the appearance of the organization for which I work. Therefore, I will…

Personal Appearance

  • Wear my identification badge, properly visible on the upper part of my body or on a lanyard, at all times while on  duty.
  • Adhere to dress code policy, Hospital-wide and departmental.
  • Always be well groomed, neat and appropriately dressed for my job function.

Facility Appearance

  • Pick up and dispose of litter properly.
  • Return equipment to the proper place.
  • Keep work areas clean and free of clutter.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. I recognize we treat customers with the utmost respect, dignity, courtesy, and confidentiality. Therefore, I will…

Treat customers as I would want my family to be treated

  • Refrain from using profanity in the workplace.
  • Introduce myself to customers and call them Mr. or Mrs. unless I know them well or have permission to call them by their first name.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of all customers.
  • Keep noise levels low in work areas.
  • Display kindness and offer help.
  • Listen thoughtfully, empathetically, and respond appropriately.
  • Be punctual in meeting a customer’s requests and needs.
  • Recognize and respect differing cultures, viewpoints and beliefs.
  • Make sure patient information is kept confidential. Never discuss patients and their care in public areas such as elevators and hallways.
  • Refrain from personal conversations among employees within earshot of customers.
  • Knock and pause before entering a patient’s room.
  • Close curtains or doors during exams and procedures. In doing so, explain that: “we are doing this for your privacy.”
  • Provide a second gown if the patient is in a wheelchair.
  • Do not leave patients unattended in hallways.

Customer Waiting

  • Educate families about processes and provide a comfortable atmosphere for waiting customers. Keep customers  informed frequently when there is a delay.
  • Apologize if a wait occurs. Always thank the customer for waiting.
  • Update family members periodically while a patient is undergoing a procedure.

Treat Colleagues (employees, physicians, other departments, volunteers) as professionals deserving courtesy, honesty and respect. Recognize we each have an area of expertise.

  • Exceed colleagues’ expectations.
  • Be courteous, honest and thoughtful in our interactions. Greet everyone.
  • Manage up, speaking well of each other, colleagues and medical staff.
  • Refrain from participating in gossip.
  • Recognize and support the skills of individuals as well as team member’s work.
  • Arrive to work and meetings on time.
  • Offer assistance whenever possible – be a team player.
  • Welcome new employees.
  • Willingly accept additional responsibilities whenever possible. I will not say “It’s not my job”. If unable to meet a  request, I will find someone who can and follow-up later to make sure the task is completed.
  • Show respect for colleagues by openly addressing issues as they arise.
  • Address problems that can’t be resolved on an individual basis, by going to the appropriate leader, follow the chain of  command. Hold the leader accountable by requesting follow-up.
  • Take responsibility for my actions.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. I listen attentively to customers and colleagues in order to fully understand their needs. Similarly, messages are delivered with courtesy, clarity and care. Therefore, I will…

Acknowledge customers

  • Smile and maintain eye contact.
  • Introduce myself and my role in the patient’s care.
  • Listen and respond to both verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Escort a customer to their destination when they appear to need directions. This includes an escort to the door upon  discharge.

Keep customers appropriately informed

  • Use appropriate terms that can be understood.
  • Communicate appropriately to fit age, gender, and culture of customer.
  • Invite and answer questions.
  • Provide timely feedback.

Acknowledge Call Lights

  • If you are passing a room and you see an unanswered call light, enter the room, with the patient’s permission, and say,  “Hello, I am _________. I saw your call light is on; please tell me what you need. I will relay your message.” Do not  leave the floor until you are sure the message has been conveyed to the proper caregiver.
  • Caregivers shall anticipate patients’ needs to decrease call light use. Ask: “Is there anything else I can do for you? I  have the time.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. I will respect the patients’ right to privacy and dignity. I am committed to fostering a secure and trusting environment. Therefore, I will…

  • Treat all information as confidential and be aware of the importance it plays in providing the best care possible.
  • Respect the customers’ right for privacy and access only the information necessary to serve them.
  • Communicate with patients and their families, when appropriate, in a private manner.
  • Never discuss patient information or hospital business in a public area.
  • Follow the release of information and privacy policies, reporting any breach or potential breach to the Privacy Officer.
  • Address conflicts with others privately and respectfully.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. At Perry County Memorial Hospital, our customers take priority. In each interaction, including general, elevator and telephone contacts, I recognize and value the importance of courtesy. Therefore, I will…

Use telephone etiquette

  • Smile when I answer the phone.
  • If the phone has rung more than three times, answer with “This is name and department. I’m sorry you had to wait.  How may I help you?”
  • Get the caller’s permission before putting him or her on hold.
  • Callers on hold will be acknowledged periodically, given the status of their calls and asked if they want to continue to  hold.
  • Inform the caller that I’m transferring their call and always give the caller the transfer number in case the call is lost.
  • When transferring a call, announce the caller’s name and reason for the call.
  • Transfer a call to voice mail only with the caller’s permission.

Use elevator etiquette

  • Use the elevator as an opportunity to make a favorable impression. Smile at and speak to fellow passengers.
  • When a patient on a bed or stretcher is being transported by an elevator, I will not allow that patient to be surrounded by other customers or employees. I will politely ask the others to wait for another elevator.
  • Pause briefly before attempting to board an elevator so that you don’t block the way for anyone wishing to exit. Hold  the door open until all have boarded and then ask “what floor”?
  • Hold the elevator door for anyone you are escorting on the elevator and allow that person to enter first. When leaving  the elevator, allow others to exit first holding the door open.
  • Face patients in wheelchairs toward the opening doors.


I am Perry County Memorial Hospital. I recognize that safety is the responsibility of all Perry County Memorial Hospital employees to ensure an accident free environment. I am committed to improving safety for our customers and employees. Therefore, I will…

  • Maintain a clean and safe environment for colleagues and patients.
  • Know the meaning of and how to respond to the different safety codes.
  • Provide education and information related to patient safety strategies to all employees, patients and their families.
  • Encourage all patients and their families/caregivers to participate in their own safe healthcare by asking questions of  the healthcare staff.

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