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At Perry County Memorial Hospital, we strive to provide the best obstetrical services for our families. We believe it is important for our families to have a smooth transition with their new baby whether first time parents or a growing family.

Dr. Ed Kemper, MD and our team at Perry County Memorial Hospital are ready to help you feel more comfortable and answer any questions you may have entering parenthood. Give us a call today at (812) 547-3477 to learn more or speak to one of our delivering physicians.

The Obstetrics Department at Perry County Memorial Hospital has been delivering babies for over 50 years. Our experienced labor and delivery team is here to provide you with exceptional and personalized care.

We are fully-equipped to meet all of your prenatal, labor, delivery, postpartum and newborn needs. From admission to discharge, your entire birthing experience will take place in a private, comfortable, caring environment and undivided attention is guaranteed.

Our full range of prenatal and postpartum services include: 

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Childbirth classes led by a certified instructor
  • Breastfeeding classes
  • Lactation counseling
  • Labor and delivery unit tours

All nursing staff are certified in neonatal resuscitation and credentialed annually.

The first few hours of life are both important and exciting. The below information is a guide to understanding the care and coordination that your baby and you need from arrival and beyond.


Skin to Skin comes from the practice of Kangaroo Care for the NICU infants. Research shows that healthy newborns receive the SAME benefits as premature or sick infants. Skin to skin helps your new baby adapt to life outside of the womb. Everything is new and stimulating after birth, and your infant is calmer and less stressed when held on your bare chest. Since your infant is used to hearing your voice and heartbeat, holding your baby this way also allows your infant to get to know you through your touch and scent and feel your skin. The first time skin to skin care occurs is generally immediately after birth. This is the best way to ensure a successful start to life. Evidence from research has shown this care is essential for baby’s transition to new life as it promotes bonding between parent and child, and helps regulate baby’s body temperature and breathing.

Importance of skin to skin:

For the infant:

  • Cry less
  • Sleep better
  • Breathing rate is slower l Heart rate is lower
  • Maintain the right body temperature
  • Have higher blood sugars l Feel less pain
  • Gain weight

For the mother:

  • Increases confidence in mothering skills
  • Learn how to respond to infant’s needs

For the father:

  • Increases bonding with infant
  • Increases confidence in caring for infant

Keep in Mind…

Immediately after birth, the baby’s senses are heightened. He or she is on alert and eager to bond with parents. Because of this desire to bond, we ask that you allow mom to keep baby skin to skin without interruption.

Remember that mom will be very tired after giving birth. She will be experiencing hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and all of the responsibilities of being a new parent.

We ask that you be considerate of this life-changing event that the parents have just gone through bringing a new baby into the world. In doing so, we ask that you allow them to be along with their baby for the first few hours after birth.

Especially for Dads…

As the baby’s father, you have a very important role in the baby’s life. Things that you can do in the first few hours and days after birth include:

  • Ask family members and friends to delay visiting for at least two hours after baby’s arrival and to keep visits brief
  • Make sure mom has plenty of water and rest
  • Give mom and baby love and encouragement
  • Help mom keep track of feedings and diaper changes
  • Enjoy your new baby! Cuddle with and talk to your baby so he or she gets to know you

For Grandparents…

Congratulations! What a special time for you as you support your son or daughter through this wonderful time in life. Research shows that allowing parents to bond with a baby through early skin to skin contact can have a positive impact on baby’s brain development and vital signs. By allowing this to happen you are supporting the health of your grandchild and allowing them a smooth transition into their new life.

Perry County Memorial Hospital is now an approved IN Safe Sleep Distributor Site.

The Indiana State Department of Health, through partnerships with agencies in the State of Indiana, will provide safe sleep education and Infant Survival kits. Every mother delivering at PCMH will receive a fitted sheet with a safe sleep message imprinted on it, wearable blanket, pacifier and safe sleep recommendations for families who do not have a safe place for their infants to sleep.

Childbirth education & breastfeeding classes are also available! Call Michelle Schipp, RN, at 812.547.0217 for more information!

Childbirth 101: What to Expect During Pregnancy – Healthy Pregnancy, full 40 weeks, nutrition, medications, choosing a pediatrician, where to park, how to register, insurance/Medicaid setup, WIC/Healthy Families, importance of prenatal visits, TDAP/FLU vaccines, list of classes, OB Unit Tour

Childbirth 102: Labor & Delivery – Inductions, C-Sections, when to come to the hospital, triage, pregnancy, complications, stages of birth, anesthesia/pain control, labor positions.

Childbirth 103: After Delivery – What to expect during your stay, what to pack in your bag, skin-to-skin, post-partum depression, post-partum complications.


All About Your Baby: Newborn care, newborn safety, safe-proofing your home, car seat safety, feeding options, when to call your Pediatrician, Pediatrician options, infant photography, back to sleep.

Big Brother Big Sister

All education classes are FREE to patients delivering at PCMH. Classes will be $10.00/each for non-PCMH patients. Contact Michelle Schipp at 812.547.0217 or [email protected] for class schedules.

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