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PCMH Emergency Services Director Shares…

PCMH Emergency Services Director Shares COVID-19 Precautions, Urges Community to Continue to Seek Healthcare

My name is Cory Filley and I am the Emergency Services Director at Perry County Memorial Hospital. My duties include oversight of the Emergency Room, EMS and Emergency Management (disaster management).

All of these departments have played an integral role during the pandemic; they are all front-line positions that were prepared for a surge of affected patients and were all knowledgeable of how to provide safe and appropriate cares to impacted COVID-19 patients, as well as the standard, non-COVID emergency patient. An interdisciplinary team of leaders within the hospital joined forces to strengthen the Emergency Management service line to assure that we had a plan for every scenario we could think of, following CDC and WHO recommendations. This team was able to put together a plan to be implemented at any time and meet on a daily basis to discuss any updates or changes in real time.

The Emergency Room and EMS have always been prepared for patients, but since the beginning of the pandemic have developed ways to strengthen our ability to ensure a clean environment that was safe for our patients, despite there being national shortages of several items.  As the pandemic progressed, there were consistent changes related to not only patient care but to cleaning as well. Processes had to change for all of our patient care areas, including the ambulances. Our Environmental Services department is one of the best around and has been strengthened even more during the pandemic. It has been easy to understand why they are consistently rated the best in the area. This team continuously goes above and beyond to ensure the hospital not only remains beautiful, but safe for our patients, visitors, and employees.

We continue to welcome patients back to the Emergency Room. Although there have been some changes, rest assured the care remains the same. Naturally, all staff members are wearing masks as advised (and you are expected to wear one too). In addition, each room is getting a deeper clean between patients with a higher concentration cleanser and personal protective equipment is readily available for patients that we feel may pose a risk to our workforce or other patients. We have consistently had everything we need to provide proper care to every emergency as we always have.

Screening is performed at the entrances (or prior to arrival via dispatch or EMS personnel if via ambulance) on all persons entering the building and staff are monitoring themselves for symptoms each shift. Everything that we have done and continue to do is in the best interest of our patients. Although we do not currently allow visitors in the emergency room, we remain aware of the fact that there are certain circumstances where that additional person is necessary and special considerations can be made (albeit with proper restrictions in place). Here at PCMH we make every effort to go above and beyond for the best care for all of our patients at all times because here at PCMH, we are here to serve you.

Perry County Memorial Hospital was founded on the banks of the Ohio River over 60 years ago. The mission of Perry County Memorial Hospital is to provide high quality healthcare and exemplary customer service in the most caring, compassionate, and effective manner.
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