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4 Daily Habits for Reducing…

4 Daily Habits for Reducing Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain on a daily basis is never easy. On top of sticking to your doctor-prescribed medication schedule, there are a few daily habits that can help you in your fight to reduce chronic pain.

It is important to remember that these daily habits are aimed at helping out in your fight against chronic pain, not solving it altogether. If you have any questions about dealing with chronic pain, please do not hesitate to contact the Pain Management Center at Perry County Memorial Hospital.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can help you manage chronic pain. A well-planned diet that focuses on promoting healthy blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy weight can help keep chronic pain at bay.

Obviously diets vary from individual to individual, but some generally accepted guidelines for a healthy diet include:

  • Ample whole grains
  • Fresh produce
  • Low-fat proteins

On top of helping you manage daily pain, a healthy diet can also improve digestion and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Develop an (Appropriate) Exercise Routine

While it might not be the easiest way to cope with pain management, routinely exercising can help reduce pain by improving muscle tone and strength.

There are plenty of mild exercises that are both easy on the joints and great at releasing endorphins, such as water-based activities. Even simple stretching exercises can help promote blood flow without causing excessive joint pain.

Always remember to consult your doctor before jumping into any kind of workout regimen.

Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol might seem like shortcut methods for temporary pain or stress relief, but the truth is that they make dealing with pain much harder in the long run.

Cigarettes are notorious for causing worsened circulation, which people experiencing chronic pain should avoid at all costs.

Alcohol is also an enemy of those seeking daily pain relief, as it can cause you to experience restless nights when sleep is vitally important.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Ample sleep is crucial for those dealing with chronic pain. Sleeping is a relaxing and restorative time whose importance cannot be overstated. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to all kinds of health issues, including excessive joint pain.

Falling asleep can be tricky for those with arthritis and other similar conditions, so it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before taking any kind of sleep medication.

Don’t Let Pain Take Control

The Pain Management Center at Perry County Memorial Hospital focuses on helping those who suffer from chronic pain to live a comfortable life. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help minimize the negative effects that chronic pain is having on your life.

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