Swing Bed Program

Perry County Memorial Hospital's Swing Bed Program is a healthcare option that provides skilled care for those patients who no longer require acute care hospitalization, but are still in need of certain skilled services for a short period of time.

While you are in the Swing Bed Program, your doctor will visit about once a week to monitor your progress.

This program is available because of the growing need for skilled nursing care in rural communities and to better utilize hospital beds already available in those areas. In order to be a certified provider of Swing Bed Care a hospital must...

Have less than 100 beds
Be located in a rural area
Receive a certificate of need for swing bed services.
Meet Medicare federal certification standards in all areas of the patient's care plan including nursing services, specialized rehabilitative services, patient's activities and discharge planning.

To Qualify
You must have reasonable rehabilitative potential, meet admission criteria, and not require acute care. Potential swing bed patients are identified and reviewed by the physician and an admissions committee. If your condition meets certain skilled criteria set forth by Medicare guidelines, you will be informed of your eligibility. Should you agree to participate in the program, you will have your Patient's Bill of Rights explained and be given a copy of the Swing Bed Handbook prior to admission.

After you and your family have had all questions answered and the required papers are signed, you will be admitted as a swing bed patient. You will remain in the same area of the hospital and continue to be cared for by the same hospital staff as before.

Services Provided to the Patient:
Physician Services
Skilled Nursing Care
Physical and Respiratory Therapy
X-ray and Laboratory Tests
Social Services
Dietary Services
Emergency Dental Services after your deductible has been met.
Speech Therapy
Swing bed is covered by Medicare and most major insurance companies.
Daily Activities

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