Specialists Clinic

Call 812-547-0145 for more information.

Randall Norris, MD
Glenn T. Johnson II, MD

Phillip Gilson, MD

Call 1-800-264-3278 for appointments and more information.

Phillip Behrens, MD, FACC - Tell City Clinic (Rounds daily at Perry County Memorial Hospital)

Mark Logan, MD

Cancer Treatment Center
Please call 812-547-0106 for information.

Jewraj Maheshwari, MD - Hematologist/Oncologist

Dattatraya Prajapati, MD - Hematologist/Oncologist

For a referral, please call your primary care provider.

Immunization Clinics
Due to recent changes through the State of Indiana, the Perry County Health Department can no longer provide vaccinations to medically insured patients. They can, however, continue with Medicaid recipients and private pays. The hospital has begun immunizing for all other insured. Please call 812-547-0145 to schedule an appointment.

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