Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists create customized treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities. Occupational therapists work as part of an educational and medical team to assist people who are coping with the effects of disease, injury, disability, or developmental delay through purposeful activities to aid in achieving their greatest level of independence.

PCMH offers occupational therapy in a variety of settings including: Home Health, Swingbed (i.e., rehab to home), Acute care and outpatient.

Occupational Therapists Evaluate and Treat the Following:

Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Sensory-Motor Skills
Visual-Perceptual deficits
Activities of Daily Living
Sensory Integration (aids in registration, organization, and processing skills)
Arm and Hand Function (carpal tunnel syndrome)
Work Related Injuries
Handwriting Skills
Attention and Memory Problems
Pain Management/Edema
Wheelchair Seating and Positioning
Autism, Genetic Disorders, Down Syndrome and other developmental disorders in children

Treatment is Specific to Each Person's Needs and May Include:

Guidance to family members and caregivers
Fall prevention
Adaptations for Optimal School Performance
Home Assessments/Safety Evaluations
Custom Splints
Adaptive Equipment
Therapeutic Exercise
Activities of Daily Living Training
Sensory Integration

How is a Person Referred for Occupational Therapy Services? A doctor's prescription is required to receive Occupational Therapy services. After your doctor writes an order for OT services, please call for an appointment at (812) 547-0320.

Services are Paid for by:

Medicaid (with prior approval)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Major Medical
Other private health insurance companies
Private Pay

The Perry County Rehabilitation Department is now accepting new referrals for inpatients, outpatients, and home health for occupational therapy services. Please call (812) 547-0320.


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